Where Did Poetic Potential Go?

Maybe you’ve been looking for it in my Etsy shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie shop. You’re probably confused why you can’t find her! TLDR: Poetic Potential: Sparking Change & Empowerment Through Poetry is unavailable for purchase currently but for good reason! There are plans and ideas in place that are going toContinue reading “Where Did Poetic Potential Go?”

A Note from the Author

Dear readers, I am eternally grateful for all of the support you have shown me over the last year and a half. First, it was my poetry Instagram and debut collection of love poems, Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow. Then it was my passion project – my nonfiction debut through New Degree Press, PoeticContinue reading “A Note from the Author”

Spotlight: Amanda Gorman

Inaugural poet. National Youth Poet Laureate. Harvard graduate. It is an impressive list for a 24-year-old, but Amanda Gorman’s accolades do not begin or end there. She is one of my favorite role models and a source of inspiration for poets and girls everywhere. Plus, we share the same name! A Woman of Many HatsContinue reading “Spotlight: Amanda Gorman”

Breaking Stigmas with Poetry

While not all of us want to admit it to the world, we as humans struggle with things every day. This can include mental health, trauma, relationships, self-love, and so much more. Part of why we refrain from sharing these struggles is because we fear judgment. Stigmas are imposed upon serious topics that we faceContinue reading “Breaking Stigmas with Poetry”

Teaching Kids to Embrace Poetry

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am. Recognize this rhyme? You can find it in Dr. Seuss’s classic Green Eggs and Ham, bound in colorful picture books like the rest of his work. But did you know you can classify the children’s book as poetry? The rhyme scheme,Continue reading “Teaching Kids to Embrace Poetry”

Yes, I Have a Favorite Chapter in My Book

Poetic Potential was one of the biggest passion projects I have ever undertaken. There was something about the mix of science and anecdotes, fact and opinion, that made this book so meaningful to me. Through three sections of healing, empowerment, and activism, I wove my own stories together with others’ and found solace in differentContinue reading “Yes, I Have a Favorite Chapter in My Book”

How Poetry Helped Me Gain Confidence

Like I said in my most recent blog post, it’s important to be honest, so I will be: I originally started posting my poetry online because, as a business student, I knew I had to build an audience for my debut poetry book before it was published, in order to maximize sales. If nobody knowsContinue reading “How Poetry Helped Me Gain Confidence”

The Truth in Poetry: My Story

To describe myself in a nutshell, I am your classic Type-A overthinker. I like things to be just-so, bordering on the line of perfectionism (okay, oftentimes crossing very far over that line). My biggest fear is the unknown – starting as large-scale as the future and as morbid as what happens when we die. Yes,Continue reading “The Truth in Poetry: My Story”

Spotlight: Writers in the Schools (Houston)

In chapter 5 of Poetic Potential: Sparking Change & Empowerment Through Poetry, I touch briefly upon the work that poet Robin Reagler accomplished with a Houston-based nonprofit organization, Writers in the Schools (WITS). Because of the power of their mission and vision, it is more than necessary to highlight what they have accomplished as anContinue reading “Spotlight: Writers in the Schools (Houston)”

Escaping Reality: Thoughts on Poetry & Mental Health

I first started writing poetry to express my emotions about a relationship, my tongue tying in knots every time those words were to be said out loud. This was a trend for many years (and still is!), but once I hit college, I began to branch out more, especially after the release of my firstContinue reading “Escaping Reality: Thoughts on Poetry & Mental Health”