Spotlight: Amanda Gorman

Inaugural poet. National Youth Poet Laureate. Harvard graduate. It is an impressive list for a 24-year-old, but Amanda Gorman’s accolades do not begin or end there. She is one of my favorite role models and a source of inspiration for poets and girls everywhere. Plus, we share the same name! A Woman of Many HatsContinue reading “Spotlight: Amanda Gorman”

Breaking Stigmas with Poetry

While not all of us want to admit it to the world, we as humans struggle with things every day. This can include mental health, trauma, relationships, self-love, and so much more. Part of why we refrain from sharing these struggles is because we fear judgment. Stigmas are imposed upon serious topics that we faceContinue reading “Breaking Stigmas with Poetry”

Words For Change

Something that I have always loved about words is how they have the power to create these powerful images that you can see almost as clearly as if they are right in front of you. That’s something that drew me to poetry – having the ability to string words together like stars in a constellationContinue reading “Words For Change”