A Note from the Author

Dear readers, I am eternally grateful for all of the support you have shown me over the last year and a half. First, it was my poetry Instagram and debut collection of love poems, Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow. Then it was my passion project – my nonfiction debut through New Degree Press, PoeticContinue reading “A Note from the Author”

How Poetry Helped Me Gain Confidence

Like I said in my most recent blog post, it’s important to be honest, so I will be: I originally started posting my poetry online because, as a business student, I knew I had to build an audience for my debut poetry book before it was published, in order to maximize sales. If nobody knowsContinue reading “How Poetry Helped Me Gain Confidence”

Poetry’s Unexpected Savior: Social Media

Books and social media – the two seem antithetical, an unlikely pairing. Whereas I spent my entire childhood devouring books like candy, kids nowadays grow up on iPads and phone apps. It seems like a myth to say that social media contributed to the revival of poetry’s popularity and readership, but it is the truth.Continue reading “Poetry’s Unexpected Savior: Social Media”