Poetic Potential, coming to a bookstore near you in December 2021.

I’m Amanda Karch:

Poet, Writer, Author.

For my whole life, I’ve written. Trying to explain the unexplainable, the emotions that traversed my mind and overwhelmed me – in the best and worst ways. I found power, strength, confidence, relief, and empowerment through poetry, but, most importantly, my voice.

And I hope to inspire more people, more women, more girls like me to find the same.

her favorite color was sunshine yellow

“From the first page of her favorite color was sunshine yellow, Amanda Karch is unapologetically positive with her storytelling that will unleash the reader on a wild journey. And although every writer struggles to tell their story in ways that may take some time to weave together the perfect story, this book is no exception in the sense each poem is crafted with rawness and incredible imagery that brings the entire story to life.”

Danielle Holian, author of Beautifully Chaotic and The Dilemma

My debut book of love poems takes you on the journey of ups and downs that accompanies a relationship – the heartbreak of missing someone you love and the happiness that is strongest when you are together. But no matter the distance, that feeling of sunshine yellow is always there.

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