My debut poetry book is made of a piece of my heart and my soul – I am so excited that it is in the world and in your hands. For all the romantics and the lovers out there, the ones in long distance relationships and the ones who feel like a mile is too far away – this book is for you.

her favorite color was sunshine yellow

Available in paperback and ebook versions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Chapters Indigo, Walmart, and more!

What People Are Saying About Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow

Julia L.

“Amanda’s book is the perfect set of poems to help you reflect on the love in your life… I will bring this book with me through all of my life journeys.”

Julie H.

Each poem is a hint of happiness that you can’t help but find yourself smiling along with.”

Nicole J.

Such a beautiful flow throughout the entire book it made me want to keep reading it forever! Actually had goosebumps on the last page.”

So what are you waiting for? Read the words for yourself!

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