Where Did Poetic Potential Go?

Maybe you’ve been looking for it in my Etsy shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie shop. You’re probably confused why you can’t find her!

TLDR: Poetic Potential: Sparking Change & Empowerment Through Poetry is unavailable for purchase currently but for good reason! There are plans and ideas in place that are going to lead to bigger & better things, all more aligned with my goals.

I owe you a bit of an explanation for suddenly removing this book baby from the distribution channels. Something came up that made me have to take it down temporarily for edits (LONG story), but it also led me to reflect on the goals that I have with this book. I was satisfied with the state it was in, but I also knew I wanted MORE. There was so much potential still left untapped, so it seemed like the perfect sign to act on that intuition.

What this means is that Poetic Potential will be getting a second edition. If you own the original, congrats — that one is now limited edition and won’t be found anywhere else! I’m still bouncing ideas around on how she will get reprinted, but I do want to test the waters with submitting to indie presses and getting traditionally published before reverting back to self publishing. It’s always been a dream of mine to be published traditionally and indie presses are a group that I desperately want to support in the literary world (specifically, woman-led indie presses).

Now this isn’t meant as a knock on my original publisher. New Degree Press & the Book Creators program have been incredible throughout this entire process and this book would not be half of the product it is without them. But one of the benefits of hybrid publishing is that you own the words you write. Because of them, I can follow these dreams to new heights and try to fulfill these goals of mine. Plus, I will always love their incredible mission — to get everyone to tell their stories.

A big shoutout and thank you will always go to my two editors at NDP – Erika and Rebecca, I am forever grateful for all of your constant support — you’ve inspired me to tell the right story!

I always promised to be open & honest, so here it is! And I will be sure to keep you updated on the journey & may even have a few surprise releases up my sleeve…

For now, if you want to support my writing journey, Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow is still available at all retailers, and you can follow along with the process on Instagram and Twitter @akkwriting!

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